Villa La Angostura

Activities and Views of Villa La Angostura


Our lakes and rivers are the paradise for this activity housing a wide variety of salmonids, rainbow trout, brown and fontinallis that live with native species which are not allowed to fish. The beginning of the season is in November and its end in May, there are many places where you can perform this activity in any of its modalities fly fishing, trawling and spinning. You can enjoy in many ways, fishing alone from the coast, with guided boat trips in the different lakes, or floating in the Limay River where the Nahuel Huapi flows.
It is necessary for this activity to have a fishing permit, our receptionists can advise you where to get that permit and what are the guided outings available.


The best way to get to know Nahuel Huapi is by sailing in its waters, visiting different places such as Victoria Island, the Quetrihue Peninsula, the main bays of the town. There are as many different ways as you like, you can go aboard large boats such as catamarans that leave the port, for those who want something more reserved there are rides in small boats, for the more adventurous you can go sailing only with the impulse of the wind in Sailboats and if there are navigators, with a helmsman’s card, they have the possibility of renting semi-rigid and touring the lake in their own way. There are walks throughout the year although the warmest conditions are during the summer, get advice at the reception for the different alternatives.


For those who have good weather and want more activity in the water you can paddle in kayaks or canoes in different corners of Nahuel Huapi and nearby lakes, for those who want something less traditional you can try the paddle alternative, paddling standing on some surfboards. All these activities can be done freely by renting the equipment or with guided crossings, they can advise on reception about the different modalities.


This is one of the main activities that can be carried out in the Angostura villa throughout the year for experts or simply enthusiasts. Appreciating the incredible landscapes that the paths cross there are numerous options to choose from, quiet walks in the forest with waterfalls, ascents to hills, to long crossings of several days between mountains and valleys. For this activity there are two main modalities, it can be done independently by signposted roads, or hire specialized guides that will take them to more challenging places, and will accompany the adventure with interpretation of the flora, fauna, history and geology of the area. Consult with our receptionists the different alternatives, in any case it is an adventure in the purest nature.

Mountain bike

One of the main activities of the area. There are many trails available and varied levels of difficulty. The best known are the 12 km of the Quetrihue peninsula with its beautiful forest of arrayanes (it can be combined with the catamaran to make a boat section), you can also make descent on the slopes of the hills, or use it as a means to go to different beaches along paths in the woods. Ask at reception for the different offers on bike rental.

Tenis / Squash

For those who like these sports in the vicinity of our complex are the covered tennis court of Jean Pierre, a Belgian immigrant who developed the ski center of the town, and squash courts, ideal to make alternative plans for the days of rain.
For those interested, consult with our receptionists who can give you more information about the service and manage reservations.


For both lovers of this sport and for those who would like to try for the first time, the Ruka Kuyen golf course is 400 meters away from our complex, with whom we have an agreement for our guests. A nice example of the mountain landscape of our humid forest, with a great variety of typical flora of the area and the silhouette of the hill in the background, has 9 holes, par three, ideal to enjoy in spring, summer and autumn. In the complex we have a set of golf clubs, with which you can play on the court or go to the Driving Range that is also in the vicinity of the complex.


For those who want to fly among the trees, appreciating the beauty of dense forests of coihues from their glasses, there is the canopy, a journey between trees joined with steel cables and wooden platforms which is flown flying tied by a harness, an activity to The whole family totally safe and with its share of adventure.


If you want to enjoy the Patagonian humid forests in a different way, there are excursions on the slopes of Cerro Bay to tour with guides and enjoy the adrenaline in the forest.

Ski / Snowboard

For winter sports enthusiasts in our town is Cerro Bayo, which since its inauguration in 1978 is one of the most exclusive ski centers in Argentine Patagonia.
Surrounded by forests and with a particular view of Lake Nahuel Huapi, this ski center is minutes from the town center and offers about 200 hectares for skiing and snowboarding. Cerro Bayo is ideal for both beginners and advanced skiers, who have more than twenty tracks and lifting means to enjoy the hill on the different slopes it presents.


Available only in summer, if you like water and you are intrigued to know the depths of the lakes in the region that were left by the glaciers in their passage years ago, there is the possibility of diving in its waters. With dives in the Nahuel Huapi or Lake Traful where the submerged forest is located, there are baptism diving excursions for those who go down for the first time, more experienced trips for those who are certified and for those who plan a longer stay in this town the possibility of completing the complete courses with international certification with multiple dives in different parts of the area.

Horseback riding

For horse lovers, what better way to ride a horse in this place. The destinations are beautiful waterfalls or viewpoints in the hills which are reached by wooded paths, appreciating the local flora and enjoying the Patagonian air. There are short walks for those who want to go for a walk and others that include night in the mountains for those who want more adventure. This activity takes place mainly in summer. Consult reception for available programs.

Snowshoe walks

Ideal for those who want to do something different in the winter, there is this possibility of knowing the beauty of the forests and snowy mountains of our area with snowshoes. There are many places to carry out this activity with different difficulties ranging from the hills of our town, to others located in the Andes mountain range on the border with Chile.
Advise with our receptionists regarding excursions and guides enabled to perform such activity.